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Screen Manufacturing

Mascoprint is a one stop shop for all screen manufacturing needs.

We can provide frames, mesh only, stretched screens, pre-sensitised screens to expose in-house, or ready-to-use screens exposed with stencil.

Specialist screens play an important part in industrial screen printing. The diversity of articles to be printed and the media to be printed through them demand a huge variety of screens, with frames in wood, steel or aluminium, often with metal edges or dividers. Even curved frames are not unheard of.

Mesh grades vary widely from 10 up to 180 threads per centimetre. Mesh tensions range from ‘pulling out the creases’ up to 30 newtons for polyester and 40 newtons for stainless steel. The film or emulsion stencils range from a minimum of 12 microns to 300 microns plus. 

Often we will also have to consider the print room conditions and the effect on the screens before finalising the screen specification. Our production manager Patrick will be happy to talk through your requirements.

Cliche Thin Steel Plates

Mascoprint offer a high quality etching service on 0.5mm and 0.3mm thin steel plate.

Artwork Origination

Artwork can be generated, scanned or manipulated using the latest computer technology. The applications supported are as follows:

• Adobe Illustrator®
• Adobe Photoshop®