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CP12 Printing Machine

The Mascoprint CP12 is a bench mounted semi-automatic cylindrical screen printing machine, utilised for printing virtually any rigid or flexible product, ranging from pens, thermometers, tubes, hoses, plastic bottles, glass jars, mugs and alloy cans right up to ice buckets and fire extinguishers.

The full specification can be found here:

See the CP12 in action

Tampograf Pad Printers

Mascoprint sell Tampograf pad printing machines – a range of modular machines which can satisfy all the demands of the users of pad printing.

Established since 1968, Tampograf is well-known for its flexibility and for employing the most advanced systems of automation available on the market today.

ideal for printing onto uneven printing surfaces, ie. golf balls, 3 dimensional objects, pens etc.

Custom-Built Hand-Bases for 3D Articles

Bespoke wooden hand bases for various short run articles/ r & d type of work.

Custom made, please contact us for details.