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Screen printing onto elliptical conical bottles

  • The client had a requirement for conical polythene bottles to be printed all the way round.
  • The bottles were both elliptical and conical, thus proving extremely challenging.
  • Mascoprint tested a variety of rack and pinion set-ups on the CP12 machine to determine the correct ‘swivel point’ of the mechanism and establish the relevant mechanical principles.
  • The effect of the elliptical-conical-shaped bottles on the print process distorted the printed image and it was necessary to build corrective distortion into the original artwork.
  • Further print trials were carried out using different screen meshes, squeegee profiles and ink types to achieve the required registration, print quality and print adhesion.
  • The machine is now installed on the client’s premises, printing tens of thousands of bottles per annum.
trial mould
Example of trial mould and rack and pinion tooling
finished tool
Finished tool