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CP12 Machine with Tooling for Sale

CP12. Cylindrical screen-printing machine (Generally as per a std machine).

Max print area 250mm (around circumference) x 200 height

Machine is in good working order, clean, tidy and has not been overly used.

Machine has been used to print golf shafts (tooling on machine).

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For more details on the CP12 machine click here.

Price £5000 + VAT

Used CP12 Machines for Sale

We have in stock at moment, 2 used CP12 cylindrical printing machines, complete with sets of roller carriages.

Both take a rebated frame 17 ¾” x 12” o/d. Machine with current tooling could print aerosol cans, glass bottles or similar.

Price for each machine (as in pictures) is £2500.00.

Both machines run well but do have ink down the front.

Tooling can be made to suit any other product but would be extra cost.

With current squeegee holders on and flood blades print area will be up to 250mm around circumference and 150mm tall.

Wider squeegee and flood pull could be made at an additional cost.

For more details on the CP12 machine click here.

First CP12 machine for sale
First Machine for Sale
Second CP12 machine for sale
Second Machine for Sale